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2D and 3D animation

 Motion design is now everywhere on the internet, in clips, or on television. Its aesthetic appeals to a majority of large companies which use it to transmit clear and impactful messages in an original and unique way.
Motion Design, for “Animation” and “Graphics”.
It’s a major asset for your communication, ideal for sending your advertising messages. Motion design is an effective resource for your marketing strategy.

Our mission is to offer you personalized solutions in order to make tailor-made 2D and 3D animation videos, which will perfectly suit your objectives.

From storyboard to final result, the JCOM team supports you during all stages of project design!

Pourquoi choisir la 2D/3D et le motion design ?
2D / 3D and motion design are ultra efficient in communication to quickly deliver your message in less than two minutes. Show what is not visible.
What seemed impossible to explain has become easy thanks to an educational and fun animation. This avoids shooting images, and on many subjects the real image brings no interest.
We can then design aesthetic visuals according to the universe of the client and the existing graphic charter. Writing is much freer and can be inspired by film references or games.
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