social media

Our strategies combine social creativity and analytics  !

Jcom, will make you INCONTOURNABLE on social networks!

– Creation and animation, optimize your visibility on the web, enhance your expertise and generate new contacts.
– Create and federate a community around your business and your products.
– With more than 26 million monthly active users on Facebook and more than 2.3 million on Twitter to name a few, social media as a whole offers many benefits such as high visibility among Internet users and potential customers.

JCOM’s expertise and powerful vision bring to your projects the 4 ingredients necessary for your success:

  • Achieving your goals
  • The definition of your target core
  • The assessment of your audience
  • Measure the results

Essential element in your e-marketing communication, the Landing page or “landing page” is a real gateway that must welcome your visitors in the best possible conditions to make them want to go further with you.

3 reasons to create a landing page

  • Show relevant information based on targeted goals
  • Develop qualified traffic
  • Improve site conversion rate

e reputation
Issues of e-reputation concerning both individuals and brands. JCOM’s clients include executives, personalities as well as SMEs and large groups.
Google has become the tool most used by Internet users to find information on a brand, a person or a company, today it is an essential vector of e-reputation.

JCOM offers you a set of solutions to build and control your e-reputation.

  • TIP: Our experts accompany you every day to understand and act on your e-reputation.
  • CREATE: JCOM improves your web presence according to your image strategy.
  • MONITORING: JCOM monitors your e-reputation on a daily basis to alert you to any threats.


Customized creation adapted to your needs
Attentive to your visual identity, our team of experts analyzes your needs according to your targets and your objectives. JCOM allows you to benefit from a dedicated support during the digitization of your document.
Easily create your interactive magazine, an online brochure, a digital press kit, a dynamic annual report, a brochure and other documents to make your communication even more effective!

Most Jcom

  • Responsive digital reading of all media
  • Reactivity, advice and support
  • A multi-support broadcast

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