Hosting and maintenance
Website hosting
JCOM hosts your website on a dedicated or shared server
Our website hosting services are performed on shared servers as well as dedicated servers. We offer a quality professional service, well suited to the needs and means of companies.
Two packages are available to you:
> Implementation of shared hosting: each server hosts several sites
> Setting up dedicated hosting you have your own server and have the possibility of administering it
Maintenance, backup and update
Our experience of more than 10 years in the domain of hosting gives us a perfect mastery of the servers that we manage, and a certain guarantee of efficiency and security.
We perform all of the maintenance services for the servers we administer ourselves.
The life of a website can be tumultuous and our know-how in this area guarantees your peace of mind!

Websites, mostly developed with CMS software, should be updated regularly to avoid loopholes and other intrusion possibilities that allow hackers to take control of your website.
To ensure your peace of mind, our team is responsible for monitoring, updating and checking daily backups. Very reactive, we act upon the detection of a malfunction.
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