Marketing d’influence & E-réputation

Influence Marketing

Digital and social networks have completely changed the way we consume. Today, we are no longer taken in by advertisements as it used to be. Why ? Because new figures have developed, we are talking about Influence Marketing activated by ambassadors and especially influencers who will make us discover products and make us want to buy them.
Identifying with these people speaking on social media like Twitter, Instagram or YouTube has become common. Just look at this phenomenon among the youngest who will no longer watch traditional television, in favor of the videos of Youtubers and photos of Instragramers!


Riding on this new immense opportunity, brands and agencies have all rushed on these influencers and their communities. But in reality, it’s a little more complex than that: it is not enough to make likes on photos or videos to be really influential on social networks. This is all too often a mistake made by brands in search of creative influence for their products.


For today’s businesses and leaders, building a positive online image is essential to success. Poor public relations, a few bad reviews of products or services, negative social media posts, a bad online reputation, could cause great damage to your company’s image if it is not managed properly.

At JCOM, we will analyze the whole situation in order to be able to offer you a coherent and relevant action plan. The objective will be to set up transversal actions which aim to resolve it in the most effective way.

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