Target the French-speaking Jewish community
via our contact database of over 300,000 emails
Segment your audience
according to the criteria of your choice (geographical, sector of activity, etc.)

Newsletter: More than just a newsletter

From design to shipping, JCOM accompanies you to succeed your newsletter and make more relevant your shipment to have quality benefits.
We can use your customer file to send your newsletter.

Retain your customers with a relevant campaign

Reach your goals by boosting your prospects

Promote offers or launch a new product / service

Increase awareness by disseminating appropriate information

Email campaign: Generate the “wow effect”

5 good reasons to do e-mailing

Generate traffic
This is the second source of traffic to corporate sites!

Lower cost service
E-mailing is a very small investment. Of course, you will need to put some parts in an e-mailing software to find you, or go through a provider. But overall, your wallet will be a winner!

80% of the returns have indeed taken place within 72 hours after sending!

Opt-in: Targeting the right people
With Opt-in, people give you permission to send them messages.

Know your audience
By analyzing how your audience has behaved, we can get to know them better: their expectations, the problems encountered, any objections …

Why trust JCOM

The quality of the file of prospects is essential for the success of a campaign, it must be up to date and contain valid emails, otherwise, not only the newsletter does not arrive at some recipients, but in addition after several shipments , there is a risk of blacklisting the sending server so that in the end no newsletter reaches its destination

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